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“The Indian Institute of Welding, Baroda Branch”

Brief about Foundation:
The IIW Baroda Branch covering Gujarat State was inaugurated on 29th August, 1998 by Mr. S. K. Burman. The sole credit of taking the initiative goes to Prof. S. K. Agrawal. 1st Executive committee was nominated by the National Council as mentioned below :

Chairman : Prof. S. K. Agrawal, Vice Chairman : Mr. M. J. Vaidya,
Hon. Secretary : Mr. D. V. Acharya, Hon. Treasurer : Mr. M. N. Patel
Members : Dr. S. K. Bhave, Mr. R. R. Chari, Mr. P. R. Das, Mr. M. I. Khan, Mr. Dharmendra Pandey, Mr. G. C. Sahasrabuddhe, Dr. M. K. Sharma, Mr. H. J. Thaker, Mr. Bhavin Patel, Mr. Y. S. Trivedi.

Inspite of being new branch, Baroda Branch ranked 5th in Membership Strength in 1st Year with total 226 members (incl. 13 ICMs). The current strength of the branch is more than 530 members. Managing committee members of Baroda Branch always consists of enthusiastic, dedicated, and experienced personnel from various industries & academic institutions.
Baroda Branch Chairmans so far since Inception :                  Hon. Secretaries so far since Inception :
  • Prof. S. K. Agrawal – Founder Chairman
  • Mr. S. M. Nayak
  • Mr. R. R. Chari
  • Mr. Sumant Shah
  • Mr. Hiren Patel – Present Chairman
  • Mr. D. V. Acharya
  • Dr. M. K. Sharma
  • Mr. M. R. Shouche
  • Mr. Hiren Patel
  • Mr. B. S. Kandpal
  • Mr. Gautam Gohil – Present Secretary
National Council Meetings held at Baroda :                            National Council Members :
  • 29th August 1998
  • 225th National Council Meeting on 2nd Sept 2000
  • 255th National Council Meeting on 24th Feb 2006
  • 296th National Council Meeting on 25th July 2015
  • Prof. S. K. Agrawal
  • Mr. R. R. Chari
  • Dr. M. K. Sharma
  • Mr. S. M. Nayak
  • Mr. Ashit Shah
  • Mr. Praveen Virmani
  • Mr. Hiren Patel
  • Mr. Ashit Shah
  • Dr. Vishvesh Badheka
  • Mr. D. V. Acharya
  • Mr. B. S. Kandpal
National Committees :
Position and representation made by Baroda Branch members at National Level-
  • Prof. S. K. Agrawal (Vice President – IIW India, Member - National Education sub committee, Member development committee, Member Board of Director-ANB, Member - Editorial board of IWJ, Member–Governing Board IIW ANB, Vice Chairman- Steering committee, 64th Annual assembly & IC 2011)
  • Mr. D. V. Acharya (Jt. Organizing Secretary – 64th Annual Assly & IC 2011, Vice Chairman – IIW India Technical Committee, Governing Board Vice Chairman–ANBCC India )
  • Mr. Hiren Patel (Member – Welding Eduction Committee, member Finance committee)
  • Mr. Praveen Virmani (Member-Membership Sub Committee, member Finance committee)
  • Dr. M. K. Sharma (Member Dev. Committee,member National Education Sub Committee)
  • Mr. G. D. Acharya (National Edu. Sub committee)
  • Dr. Vishvesh Badheka (Member – IIW India Technical Committee)
        Baroda Branch always have taken special part in initiatives taken by IIW India. Total 1490 candidates in 109 batches were assessed under MES Scheme at various Govt. ITIs, Govt. Vocational Training Centers & Private Institutes in Gujarat by assessors from Braoda Branch Managing committee
Authorized Examiners for NWTCS :                              Authorized Assessors for MES Activities :
  • Mr. Hiren Patel
  • Mr. B. S. Kandpal
  • Mr. R. R. Vishwakarma – Chief Co-ordinator
  • Mr. B. D. Dave
  • Mr. Kashyap Bhatt
  • Mr. K. R. Shah
  • Mr. Praveen Virmani
Baroda Branch celebrates its foundation day every year by organizing one full day seminar on topics related to welding and fabrication industries. Every year, this foundation day seminar is attended by approx. 100-125 delegates from various industries, institutions in & around Baroda. Around 8-9 technical papers get presented covering aspects, related to theme of the seminar. Senior most official from IIW India or National Council member or a prominent personality from the industry is always invited as a chief guest to address the gathering during the event. Baroda branch has been getting support from various industries to support such seminar in the form of sponsorship, advertisement in souvenir & delegate participation.

Baroda Branch conducts Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Technical Lectures, Certificate Courses on Welding, Visual Inspection, Industrial Visits, National Events etc. Baroda Branch has also been the centre of AMIIW Examination & IWE-IWT Certification Program.
Technical Seminar (Local / National) :
  • Seminar on “Welding of Steels for Petroleum & Refinery Industry” was organized on 29th August 1998 at Baroda. 8 technical lectures were presented & 200 delegates attended the seminar.
  • Seminar on “Welding Productivity & Quality” on 22nd December 1998 at Vallabh Vidyanagar. 75 delegates attended the seminar.
  • Seminar on “Reclamation & Hardfacing” was organized on 17th April 1999.
  • 1st Foundation Day Seminar on “Resistance Welding & Applications” organized on 28th August 1999.
  • Seminar on “Latest Trends in Welding Equipments & Welding Consumables” on 22nd April 2000 at Ahmedabad. 130 delegates attended the seminar.
  • National Welding Meet–2000 (NWM-2000) was hosted by Baroda Branch on 2nd Sept 2000 at Baroda. 2nd Foundation day of Baroda Branch was also celebrated along with NWM-2000. Exhibition with 10 welding equipment / consumables manufacturer was held & 320 delegates attended the seminar.
  • 3rd Foundation Day “Seminar on Pipe Welding” on 1st Sept 2001 at Baroda. 130 delegates participated in seminar.
  • 4th Foundation Day Seminar on “Welding in Fertilizer & Chemical Industry” on 29th Aug 2002 at Bharuch.. More than 130 delegates attended the program.
  • 5th Foundation Day Seminar on “Welding in Process Industries” on 30th Aug 2003 was held at Hazira,Surat.
  • National Welding Seminar–2003 (NWS-2003) was hosted by Baroda Branch from 4th to 6th Dec 2003 at Vadodara. The Exhibition was also arranged on this occasion. Approx. 35 technical papers with two parellel session were presented during the seminar. Approx. 175 delegates attended the seminar from all over the country.
  • National Welding Meet–2006 (NWM-2006) was hosted by Baroda Branch on 2nd Sept 2006 with Seminar on “Heavy Fabrication – Offshore & Onshore”. The program was attended by 102 delegates.Total 7 technical papers were presented during the meet.
  • 9th Foundation Day Seminar on “Productivity & Quality for Cost Reduction in Welded Fabricaiton” held on 9th Sept 2007. 60 delegates attended the seminar.
  • 10th Foundation Day Seminar on “Welding in Power Industries” on 11th Oct 2008 at Vadodara. 80 plus delegates attended the seminar
  • 12th Foundation Day Seminar on “Welding in Surface Transporation” on 2nd Oct 2010.
  • 13th Foundation Day Seminar on “Welding in Pressure Vessel Industries” on 15th Oct 2011at Vadodara. 118 delegates participated in the seminar.
  • 14th Foundation Day Seminar on “Latest Trends in Welding in Process Industries” on 13th October 2012 at Vadodara.Total 8 technical lectures were presented & 78 delegates attended the seminar.
  • National Welding Meet–2013 (NWM-2013) was hosted by Baroda Branch on 31st August 2013 with Seminar on “Challenges in Dissimilar Welding”.The meet was attented by total 162 delegates. Total 10 technical lectures in 3 sessions were presented in seminar.
  • 16th Foundation Day Seminar on “Construction Codes & Standards – An Insight) on 27th Sept., 2014.Total 11 technical papers in 3 technical sessions were presented. Total 105 delegates attended the seminar.
Industrial Visits :
Baroda Branch organizes one industrial visit every year for members to get themselves acquainted with latest welding processes & fabrication procedures.
  • M/s Jord Engineers, M/s Panchmahal Steel, Kalol on 23rd Jan 2000
  • M/s GSFC, Baroda & M/s L&T Niro Baroda on 24th March 2001
  • M/s Welspun Gujarat Stahl Rohren Ltd, Bharuch on 11th May 2003
  • M/s Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Hazira Works on 30th Aug 2003
  • M/s Gujarat Electricity Board, Wanakbori Power Plant on 11th Jan 2004
  • M/s Thermax Limited, B&H Division, Savli on 14th August 2010
  • M/s Hindustan Dorr Oliver Ltd, Ahmedabad on 1st Oct 2011
  • Larsen & Toubro Limited, Heavy Engg., Special Steel & Forging Shop on 30th Nov. 2013
  • M/s Swis Glascoat, Vallabh Vidyanagar on 8th February 2015
Awards & Special Recognition :
  • Baroda Branch has won “Minati Bhattacharjee Memorial Award for Excellence” as the Best Performing Branch of the Institute for following Years a. 2001-02 b. 2012-13 c. 2013-14 d. 2014-15 It is a honour for IIW Baroda Branch to receive Best Branch Award for three consecutive years (2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15).
  • Prof. S. K. Agrawal is honoured as member of International organizing committee for welding & joining 2005 – Frontiers of Materials Joining” – held on 25-28th Jan 2005 at Tel Aviv
  • Prof. S. K. Agrawal is honoured with Keith heartly memoral lecture award in IIW IC 2008 held at Chennai from 8th to 10th Jan 2008.
  • Mr. Y. S. Trivedi is honoured with L P Mishra Memorial Award in NWS 2008 held at Mumbai from 4th–6th Feb 2009
  • Mr. Pallav Chattopadhya is honoured with Prof. Placid Rodrigues Memorial Lecture Award in NWS 2008 held at Mumbai from 4-6th Feb 2009
  • Baroda Branch Members Mr. Mitul Patel, Mr. Rajesh Madnani, Mr. B. J. Chauhan & Dr. S. Sundaresan received ESAB India Award for best technical paper presented in NWS 2008
  • Prof. S. K. Agrawal, Founder chairman of the IIW Baroda Branch was honored with life time achievement award by IIW India on 21st Dec 2010 at NWS 2010, Vishakhapatnam.
  • Mr. Hiren Patel was nominated to attend 63rd Annual Assembly & International Conference of Intl. Inst. Of welding held at Istanbul, Turkey during 11-17th July 2010 as team member of IIW-India
  • 9. Dr. Vishvesh Badheka received Panthaki Memorial Award 2010 for best research paper on non ferrious material presented at NWS 2010, Vizag & Panthaki Memorial Award 2013 for best research paper on Non Ferrous Material presented at NWS 2013, Bangalore.
Baroda Branch have always participated enthusiastically in Best Welder & Best Welding Engineer competition. Every year, branch organizes branch level competition & sends branch level winners for participation at national level competition. Welders & Welding Engineers from Baroda Branch has come out as national level winners on several times.
    National Level Best Welding Engineers (from Baroda Branch)
  • Mr. Tushar Koradia (L&T, HEIC, Ranoli Works, Vadodara)
  • Mr. Snehal Patel (L&T, HEIC, Ranoli Works, Vadodara)
  • Mr. Chandan Sharma (Inox India Ltd, Kalol)
  • Mr. Kiran Soni (L&T, HEIC, Ranoli Works, Vadodara)
    National Level Best Welders (from Branch Branch)
  • Mr. Sunil K Nayar (TD Williamsons Inc.)
  • Mr. Vinodkumar R. Parmar (L&T, HEIC, Ranoli Works, Vadodara)
  • Mr. Govind Sryam (L&T, HEIC, Ranoli Works, Vadodara)
  • Mr. T. Appalal Naidu (M/s Pipavav)
It is journey where a group of committed individuals representating welding technology joined together to spread and share knowledge on welding, a process and a technology which is a backbone of industries. The unabated journey continues till today with new enthusiastic and enterprising faces joining, some faces leaving and some faces are still playing their contributory role. The achievements of this branch is totally attributable to the excellent team work & remarkable contributions of many capable individuals. Baroda Branch always tried their best to meet all the objectives of an ideal professional society. In order to provide more meaningful & productive contribution to industry, programs like WIC & WPS-PQR are being conducted regularly by the branch. Baroda Branch always supported national level seminars & activities. Its membership grew rapidly and current strength of the branch is more than 500 members. Baroda Branch Members Mr. Y. S. Trivedi, Prof. S. K. Agrawal, Mr. D. V. Acharya, Mr. R. R. Chari, Dr. M. K. Sharma, Mr. H. J. Thaker, Mr. Y. M. Patel had been conferred with Life Fellowship from the Institute.

Baroda Branch acquired its own office premises (930 sq.ft super buildup area) on 2nd July 2006 equipped with telephone, computer, broadband internet connection & furniture. Baroda Branch has now made a move to acquire new office premises in commercial complex named Orchid Plaza at Sama Savli Road, Vadodara. Baroda Branch had one more feather in the cap, with opening of a new centre at Surat on 22nd March 2014.